3 Wedding Invitation Trends of 2022

by America North Printers

Mar 04, 2022

When planning a wedding, one of the key pieces is the invitation. Along with the save-the-date cards, wedding invitations help shape your guests’ expectations regarding the themes and aesthetics of your big day. If you’ve been searching for design inspiration, consider the following trends before contacting your local print shop

Wedding Invitation Ideas

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1. Nature Inspired

A major wedding design trend this year is a return to nature. From botanical motifs to soothing, muted tones, many designers focus on bringing the outdoors onto the page. Think lavender, rose, and cypress inspired schemes. Choosing the elements for your invitation can be deeply personal. Try considering your favorite flowers or a few plants that have symbolic meaning. 

2. Maps

Another growing trend print shops are seeing is putting a map somewhere on the invitation. These maps could be an artistic representation of an actual location, like a hometown, where you two first met, or the wedding venue itself. Alternatively, it could be a custom map condensing many different locations that are important to you both. 

3. Website URLs & QR Codes

Finally, bring a little technology to a traditional medium. Nowadays, many couples set up websites that have all the relevant information about their nuptials, such as information about the venue, a link to their gift registry, and much more. In addition to including the link, you can also generate a QR code. Having the print shop include both makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to quickly access the site.

If any of these trends speak to you or you have your own unique idea, bring it to America North Printers. For more than 40 years, this print shop has served residents and businesses throughout the Anchorage, AK area. Their dedicated team is known for their custom work and comprehensive services. To learn more about their products and request a quote for your project, visit their website or call (907) 562-6416 today. 

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