3 Reasons to Invest in Print Marketing Materials

by America North Printers

Jan 24, 2022

Digital marketing strategies are powerful tools for any small business, but marketing materials also bring in new customers and build brand recognition. Postcards, business brochures, and flyers can be even more effective than email newsletters and social media ads at attracting attention and converting readers into customers. Here are a few reasons every business should invest in print marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Printed Marketing Materials?

1. Engagement

Users online are inundated with ads, so your sponsored posts and digital materials will have to compete with a great number of pop-ups, autoplay videos, and advertising from other companies. Many consumers see these marketing techniques as intrusive and find ways to block them or turn them off.

Magazine ads and direct mailers are marketing materials often much more effective at cutting through the noise. Many businesses find that their print marketing materials result in higher levels of engagement than online ads and social media.

2. Memorability

Print advertising material is easier to remember than the same material seen online. If users don’t immediately click your ad or open your email, they likely won’t remember the details of the offer or even the name of the company. Business brochures, postcards, and magazine ads make a more lasting impression, so if potential customers need your products or services in the future, they’ll be more likely to remember your name and call you first.

3. Trustworthiness

Consumers understand that online advertising is relatively cheap, which makes it a favored tool of scam artists and less-than-reputable companies. Brochures, catalogs, and other print media require capital investments, and shipping them out takes organization and infrastructure. Because companies have to actually invest in printed advertising, consumers are more likely to trust its contents over something they see on the internet.

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