3 Steps to Organizing Raffles

by America North Printers

Apr 04, 2022

Whether it’s for a charitable cause or you’re trying to fund a project, organizing raffles is a great way to raise money. However, before you head to a print shop to get tickets and promotional materials made, there are a few steps you should take to prepare. If you’ve never organized a raffle before, here are a few tips to help ensure its success.

What Are the Steps for Organizing Raffles?

1. Check Laws and Regulations

Before drafting something for the print shop, review the laws in your region thoroughly. Not only are there federal laws, but there are also state and some town regulations that must be followed so that the raffle doesn’t breach any gambling laws. For example, you may need to register the raffle with the sheriff’s department. If any paperwork needs to be submitted and processed, account for this in your timeline.

2. Determine Goals and Prizes

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Once you get the legal go-ahead, figure out the ultimate financial goals and map out how to get there. Depending on the industry and purpose, you may already have a clear idea of what kind of prizes to offer. If not, create a small but dedicated committee of two or three people to choose them. Local businesses or companies may be available to sponsor or donate prizes for the raffle, so reach out to them first.

3. Design Tickets and Advertisements

Once you’ve decided on the financial goals and prizes, you’ll be ready to work with a graphic designer and print shop to create the tickets and promotional materials. Seek a balance between the types of prizes, your company’s branding, and the ultimate goal of raising the money. Also, while raffle tickets are often simple, you could have them designed in a special way to commemorate the event, especially if it’s for a charity or non-profit. 

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